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Welcome to the Wireless Foundations Wiki! This space is primarily for sharing documents for the center as well as gathering resource pages and links that may be useful. Some content may require you to log in – if you are a member of the Wireless Foundations Center and would like login access, please contact Kim Kail.

Publically-readable sections

These areas are (mostly) publically accessible:

Restricted-access sections

These areas require logging in:

  • The doclib namespace is for the Document Library, a collection of research resources such as older research papers that are difficult to find online.
  • The adminlib namespace is for the Administrative Form Library, a collection of administrative forms and instructions related to travel, entertainment, purchasing and reimbursements.
  • The ncdseminar namespace has the information for the Net/Comm/DSP Seminar organizers.

More information

Here is some more information of general use.

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