Past talks

Fall 2016

Aug 22 Shashanka Ubaru (UMN) Codes for low-rank approximation and group testing details
Aug 29 Carl Simon-Gabriel (Tubingen) Kernel Mean Embeddings: A Quick Guided Tour details
Aug 31 Rashmi KV (Berkeley) Erasure Coding for Big-data Systems details
Sep 6 Michael Gastpar (EPFL) Towards an Algebraic Network Information Theory details
Sep 16 Animesh Kumar (IIT-B) Bandlimited Estimation by Location-Unaware Sensors details
Sep 19 Ilan Ben Bassat (Tel Aviv) Hashing and Sampling for Genome Assembly details
Oct 10 Ramya Srinivasan (Intel) Beyond GPS: high accuracy smartphone technologies details
Oct 17 Ahmed El Alaoui (Berkeley) Decoding from Random Histogram Queries details
Oct 24 Somayeh Sojoudi (Berkeley) Data-driven sparse network estimation details
Oct 31 Lifeng Lai (Davis) Distributed Inference with Compressed Data details
Nov 4 Yue Lu (Harvard) Phase Transitions in Stochastic Optimization details
Nov 14 Jingge Zhu (Berkeley) Structured Codes in Multi-user Communication details

Spring 2016

Jan 25 James Zou (MSR/ MIT) details
Feb 22 Xiugang Wu (Stanford) details
Feb 29 Idoia Ochoa (Stanford) details
Mar 1 Julien Mairal (INRIA) details
Mar 16 Marco Cuturi (Kyoto) details
Apr 11 Aditya Ramamoorthy (Iowa state) details
Apr 18 Dimitris Papailiopoulos (Berkeley) details

Older talks

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