Wireless Foundations is a communications research center dedicated to providing the theory and algorithms for tomorrow's wireless systems. The center is comprised of 6 core faculty members, 23 graduate students, and 3 postdocs in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley whose interests include information theory, communications, signal processing, and coding theory.

We are located in 264 Cory Hall in The Eugene and Joan C. Wong Center for Communications Research, a newly renovated space that facilitates discussion and interaction between graduate students and faculty. Our facility's renovation was partially funded by a very generous grant from Qualcomm Inc.

Wireless Foundations Group Photo

Current Reseach

For a broad overview of the research at Wireless Foundations, take a look at our posters on Topics in Information Theory, Frontiers in Coding Theory, The 3Rs of Spectrum Management, and Wireless Communication. We also have a comprehensive list of ongoing projects and a collection of student poster abstracts from BEARS 2008.

Faculty Research Projects/Slides

Venkat Anantharam

  • Projects

  • Michael Gastpar

  • Projects

  • Kannan Ramchandran

  • Projects

  • Anant Sahai

  • Projects

  • Seminar at Harvard on prospects and challenges for spectrum sharing by cognitive radios.

  • Seminar at MIT on fundamental bounds for power consumption at the physical layer.

  • Seminar at UIUC on dirty paper coding and distributed control.

  • David Tse

  • Projects

  • Presentation slides on "Breaking the Interference Barrier", from Mobicom/Mobihoc Plenary.

  • Talk slides "Information Theory of Wireless Networks: A Deterministic Approach"

  • Martin Wainwright

  • Projects

  • Tutorial slides on Graphical Models, Message-Passing and Variational Methods.

  • Talk slides on Linear-programming decoding of low-density parity check codes.

  • See what is coming up this week in the NetCommDSP Seminar.